Brand Identity

Woodland Queen

Offering a natural, nurturing and empowering approach to wellbeing through community, low-tox living and essential oils. The brand is bohemian, holistic and uplifting for women.

Brand Identity
Print Design

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The Brief

I was approached to develop a brand identity for the client’s venture – Woodland Queen. The client had identified their audience as being aimed at primarily at women who are craving alternatives to ‘chucking a pill at a problem,’ pharma medication side effects and band-aiding symptoms.

In a highly crowded space, it’s challenging for a doTERRA Wellness Advocate to find their place and have successful business outcomes. With so many wellness advocates and doTERRA resellers throughout Australia and abroad, it’s difficult to stand out and be taken seriously. Customer pain points include strong market perceptions about Multi-Level Marketing and the validity of medical claims around essential oils undoubtedly, and these are influencing consumers.


Brand Positioning

The Process

The client’s approach to wellbeing is incredibly personable, alternative and environmentally conscious. It was important that the brand spoke to women and revitalised a unique market positioning that embodied the relevance, true spirit and vision of Woodland Queen. Emotionally engaging with a like-minded market and nurturing a positive culture and a feeling of belonging, sharing stories of great results and therefore promoting brand and business growth.

Two logos were presented, with the one chosen being my preferred concept.


In addition to logo design, the branding exercise involved developing tone of voice, curating a library of beautiful and emotive photography, creating bohemian patterns made from ingredients of some of the client’s favourite essential oils, executing social media profile templates and designing business cards.

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