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The Nutmylk Co.

Say hello! to top quality nut ‘mylk’. The Nutmylk Co. is an artisan NZ company that delivers the goodness of organic nut mylk as a delicious dairy-free and vegan alternative.

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The Nutmylk Co. Packaging

The Brief

Fe from The Nutmylk Company approached to me to design a brand identity and packaging for her quality nut mylk which would reflect the hand-made, organic and boutique qualities of their product. Predominantly selling to health-food stores and cafes, it was important to stand out on the shelf as a high-end, locally-produced Nutmylk that contains no preservatives or nasties.

No Nonsense

Brand Positioning

The Process

Fe loved the feel of old type-writer typefaces and the simplicity of black and white. I vibed with her aesthetic and rationalised that these stylistic qualities reflect the core values of organic and hand-pressed. I developed concepts based on market research and the core values of the brand.

Part of the brief included having the ingredients front and centre on the labels, because this part of what matters most to her customers – no preservatives, no ingredients you can’t pronounce the name of. Just simply hand-pressed, organic nut mylk.

Fresh Delivery

After Fe chose her favourite concept, I refined the label designs to be for the different flavours and we were ready to print and Fe could start selling with confidence. For Fe, the labels were the most important and we had time constraints, so we worked on the branding afterward, though this would usually come first.

We then built out the brand identity to be consistently identifiable across all materials – including website, shipping boxes, business collateral and promotional material. The brand identity system is bold, and as simple as black and white – because that’s what this organic and fresh nut mylk is; nothing hidden, nothing unhealthy.

All the beautiful photography was shot by Print by George

The Nutmylk Co. Website
The Nutmylk Co. Website
The Nutmylk Co. Website
The Nutmylk Co. Website
The Nutmylk Co. Website
The Nutmylk Co. Website
The Nutmylk Co. Business Cards
The Nutmylk Co. Business Cards
The Nutmylk Co. Website
The Nutmylk Co. Business Cards

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