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Raglan Food Co.

Raglan Food Co. is the crème de la crème when it comes to defining an ethical client I love working with – they’re a sustainable/community-focussed organisation creating a positive social and environmental impact who make vegan, dairy-free products.

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The Brief

Raglan Food Co. (previously Raglan Coconut Yoghurt) approached me for a significant rebrand when they decided to expand their product line. After working with them since their beginnings in 2015, it was time for a fresh and updated take on their logo, tone of voice, packaging, website and other branded materials, whilst still preserving the brand’s personality and integrity that their customers had grown to know and love.


Brand Positioning

Nuts About a New Look

With a new company name, a new branding identity needed to be developed. The logotype was carefully hand drawn to be tighter and more legible at smaller sizes, with a classic vintage feel while still reflecting the fun, handmade aesthetic that is inherently Raglan Food Co.

I developed a hand-drawn typeface that reflects Raglan’s fun and hand-made qualities. This typeface is used across a range of materials including labels, website and branding motifs.

New Tagline

Hand Drawn Type


The Raglan Journey

The label design had been a very organic process which entailed building, adding and refining elements, however this evolution of the products had created issues with being hard to read and difficult to identify as coconut yoghurt, and the design didn’t allow for easy product expansion.

To combat the issues with the labels, I set about developing a new look and feel for the label to allow for better product recognition and more flexibility for product expansion.

Raglan Coconut Yoghurt - Natural Greek-Style

New Label Designs for their Classic and Gourmet Range

Lid Labels

Kefir Range Labels

Happy Bunch of Coconuts

Once the brand’s new direction had been established and the new labels finalised, I then had to apply the new styling to all of Raglan Food Co’s front-facing materials including their website, shipping box design, apparel and other materials. The client was super happy with the results, and I can’t wait to get over to New Zealand for a taste test of their new vegan desserts!

Home Page Design

Product Page Design

Shipping Box Design

Tote Bag Design

Flyer for 1 Million Pieces of Plastic Campaign (this is an awesome campaign, learn more here)

Infographic for Million Metres Campaign (this is an awesome campaign, learn more here)

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