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Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark manages investment portfolios for individuals to invest their personal funds or superannuation with transparency on where their money actually goes, what it supports and how it impacts the world in a positive way.

Project collaboration with Ralph Stevenson.

Script Writing
Project Management

The Brief

Make Your Mark approached me to develop a snappy video, contemporary in its vision to explain and unite all facets of the business purpose. The video needed to be approachable, conversational and playful, whilst avoiding lecturing customers. The purpose is to enlighten the market with information about Superannuation / Investment portfolios and the benefit of investing ethically, encouraging people to change their Super over to Make Your Mark’s ethical and sustainable portfolio.


Project Keywords

The Process

After familiarising myself with Make Your Mark’s branding, website, purpose and services, I began drafting a script with a good story arc that covered all the basics of the business and showed why joining Make Your Mark is good for you, your community and the planet.

I brought on my buddy Ralph Stevenson to work with me on the project, and he was the visionary for the written storyboards for the project. Taking his written storyboard, I created illustrated storyboards to accompany the script to communicate the video look and feel.

Make Your Mark Storyboard

Make Your Mark Storyboard

Make Your Mark Storyboard

Make Your Mark Storyboard

Make Your Mark Storyboard

Make Your Mark Storyboard

Make Your Mark Storyboard

Make Your Mark Storyboard

Making Things Move

Make Your Mark was stoked with the results, and we were given the green light to go ahead! Ralph was ready to take the lead on bringing the animation to life. Using the illustrative storyboards I created and voice over recorded by Mark Dwyer, Ralph used his amazing skills to create a wonderful animation with clever transitions and creative flourish. The results were outstanding, and the client was thrilled!

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