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The Whale Who Could Not Sing

Author / Illustrator Jo Horsley wrote this wonderful book The Whale Who Could Not Sing – a children’s picture book about an unlikely encounter between a whale and a butterfly that teaches children the importance to sing out! The Kickstarter was set up to raise funds to print the book and then all profits will go towards whale conservation, Alzheimers research and back to the community that hosted her which she swam with whales in Tonga.


The Brief

Jo approached me to produce a simple animation that told the sweet story of Mafu the Whale, to build momentum for her Kickstarter project. The video needed to reflect the artistic styling of the book, and be snappy for the fast pace of the internet. She supplied the written script, which the video needed to contain, and the wonderful music that accompanies the video.

This is a project that centres around whale conservation, one of the many reasons I was delighted to be brought on board.



Children’s Picture Book

Project Keywords

The Process

After familiarising myself with the book’s story, layout and illustrations, I began drafting the graphic storyboards and wrote out the concept for motion to reflect Mafu’s journey. Jo looked through these and was super happy with the project direction.

Selected Storyboard

Selected Storyboard

Selected Storyboard

Selected Storyboard

Selected Storyboard

Everything Went Swimmingly

Bringing Jo’s illustrations and her wonderful story to life was such a joy, it goes without saying but making things move is the most exciting part of an animation project. Jo was quick to approve the final concept and share the video on the the Kickstarter project, which has since smashed the goal, raising above and beyond the target.

© Jo Horsley 2020. Published by Kate & Catfish.

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