Brand Identity & Packaging

The Latté Lab

The Latté Lab by the Nutmylk Co. brings you organic, delicious latté blends as a coffee alternative. Packed with nutritional ingredients that are thoughtfully curated, they have really turned the latté into a sciencey artform.

Brand Identity
Print Design

Latte Lab Packaging Copyright The Latte Lab

The Brief

I was approached to develop branding and packaging design for the client’s new venture – the Latté Lab. The client had identified their audience as being aimed at primarily at café owners and frequenters that wanted to have more options for caffeine-free lattés. Returning to the traditional meaning of latté as ‘steamed milk’ rather than café latté, they needed branding and packaging that would sell to customers that were after a healthy, organic and delicious option, rather than the standard sugar-filled syrup chai lattes.


Brand Positioning

The Process

The client’s careful and purposeful mixing of nutritious spices informed the direction of the brand, and I was inspired by old-style apothecary labels. The client felt strongly thought it was important to reference the periodic table, and after an initial concept was presented, we dove deeper into the scientific world and decided to place the molecular structures that are contained in their blends on the labels.

Aware of the ‘green-washing’ that the organic market has seen recently, it was decided we’d stay away from the tropes of too much green or raw cardboard for the brand – instead espousing a premium, quality product that would stand out on the shelf and café owners would proudly display.

Served Hot

After the client was happy with the concept, I refined the label design and created press-ready artwork and before too long we were ready to print. The client could start selling her new blends with the confidence that her packaging was effective and clearly identified her unique selling points.

We then built out the brand identity to be consistently identifiable across all materials – including website, shipping boxes, business collateral and promotional material.

Social Media Management

For a while I also ran the Latte Lab Instagram, featuring creative and engaging content for the brand and products. This entailed producing high quality photography and inventing recipes using Latte Lab products to engage with customers and build a presence online.

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