Event Identity Rebrand

GC Laughs Festival

A Gold Coast Comedy Festival at the Home of the Arts showcasing hilarious, star-studded comedy shows between March 13 and 21 in 2021.

Digital Design
Print Design

Footprint Motifs

The Brief

After the 2019 Festival and the unfortunately cancelled 2020 festival due to the global pandemic, the GC Laughs Festival of 2021 is back ‘with a bite.’ Josh Armstrong (the Festival Producer) got in touch with me to revamp the festival’s look and feel. I’ve worked with Josh for a number of years and he trusted me to make it my own. Some of the larger issues that needed to be addressed where adjusting colour, the festival logo, and developing new illustrations to be the festival mascots, as well as updating all promotional print and marketing materials.

Logo Process

Drawing on my experience with developing hand-drawn type, the first port of call was to rework the logo to be more refined and legible, while still keeping the playful feel of this fledgling festival. I redrew the logo, making the letters thicker and more uniform, and added light and shadow effects to make the letters reminiscent of balloons to communicate celebrating the festival coming back in 2021.

Final Logo and Colour Palette

Logo Variations

Motif Illustrations

After discussing a few ideas for the mascot theme, Josh and I settled on two Dachshunds, Sausage Dog and Tiny Dog, at the beach as Lifesaver Dogs. This was a personal touch to the festival, as Josh and I co-owned these cuties for a long period before I moved away from the Gold Coast. They are symbolic of the many people behind the scenes who were lifesavers that helped to bring back this great festival.

Hand-lettered Alphabet

Festival Guide

Launch Party Promo

Social Media Post

The Gala Promo

Social Media Post

With a fresh look and effective supporting print and digital artwork, the GC Laughs Festival went ahead in March 2021. It was a real success, with the new branding being received well by the organisers, venue, talent and patrons.

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