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Edible The Book

Angela Flack’s recipe book Edible: Plant-based, Dairy Free, Gluten-free and Naturally Sweetened Wholefoods is an amazing piece of literature. Well grounded in nutrition and digestion research, it features an array of delicious recipes.

Print Design
Publication Design

The Brief

Angela approached me to help with her project Edible, as she needed an Art Director with a creative flair that could take the chapters of her book and turn them into a single publication, a recipe cookbook with an eye-catching cover, bold layouts, clear hierarchy, and annotations throughout (the index section is a good fifth of the book).

“Heck yes!” I said, and off we went!

The Process

Angela had structured in a way so that readers could learn about things like the nutrition or a particular method of cooking while they read the recipes. For this reason, it was a design requirement that on the left there would be background information, and on the right there would be a gorgeous wholefoods recipe. We developed multiple layouts to accomodate for a range of different text content and photography.

Using concept development design by Lisa Diebold and Francisa Gross, I carefully designed the publication over few months.

Content & Satisfied

Expanding on concept development by Lisa Diebold and Francisa Gross, I helped Angela realise her dream of publishing her first book. After many hours of work and working closely with Angela, I produced print ready artwork that was ready to be sent off to the printers offshore. The book was published and Angela was even kind enough to send me a copy, which I use with pride in my own kitchen.

If you are interested in learning more about Edible (and I highly recommend it), please see the blog for more information or the website to order the book.

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