Print & Digital Design

Based Comedy

Based Comedy is slamming the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast with amazing Pro and Open Mic Comedy line ups every week.

Print Design
Web Design

I design and illustrate all of Based Comedy’s events. Each comedy night has it’s own personality, which is thoughtfully and conceptually created, to reflect the tone of the venue and the calibre of Based Comedy’s hilarious comedy nights. Each concept is applied to print and social media to be¬†cohesively promoted.

Based Comedy has a fun, no frills branding which is great to work with. I’ve completed other jobs such as business cards, van decals, backdrops and social media post templates.

Based needed a website to keep audiences updated. I designed an on-brand website which acts as a space to keep everyone updated on new gigs, as well as a place for open mic-ers to sign up to have their fifteen minutes of fame (or shame).

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