In January I set up my first fundraiser to raise money for our wonderful fire fighters – ALL PROFITS DONATED! I designed, organised and paid for tee printing and sold these $30 shirts for NSW Rural Fire Service. The tees were printed by a great company in Sydney – Black Sun Printing Co.

I nearly hit my goal of selling 30 shirts in total, but with only five left I’m still pretty chuffed with the result (if you’re interested in buying a shirt, please email me — Once they’re all sold I’ll have raised over $500! Click the image below to view a video I uploaded to Instagram.

I sold shirts at the Wollongong Protest for Action on the Bushfire Crisis Rally on Saturday 11th of Jan! Fantastic to see so many people out there for a great cause. I got to chat to so many lovely people and listen to some emphatic speeches.

Big thank you to my team of two lovely ladies that were on deck helping me ❤️ and my lil pups that were great PR managers that kept their cool, they are so good with crowds and kids!

$350 Donation to NSW RFS

On the 21st of Jan I donated what I’ve raised so far – $350!

$470 Donation to NSW RFS

Update: 9th of March 2020 I’ve now donated $470 in total!

Want to buy a shirt?

These are limited edition – only 30 exist in the world! I only have two shirts left –  sizes L and XL. The shirts are AS Colour – high quality and incredibly soft.