What does Anxiety feel like?

How’s everyone holding up out there? About a year ago I started listening to Terrible, Thanks for Asking which had a great guest on there. She was a little girl with wisdom beyond her years, who had what’s called an anxiety box. In it were little treasures that make her happy, along with these mindful questions.

What does anxiety feel like?

Break down the experience you’re having in your body.

What are you worried about?

Think objectively about what’s making you jazzed.

What will make you happy?

Is it something that you can tackle head on? Or should you let go, move on and do something you know makes your heart feel whole until you’re ready to deal with it later?

I think everyone needs their own Anxiety Box, but maybe it should be renamed to ‘Happy Box’. Hope you’re coping ok out there, stay safe.

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I See You — IWD 2020

As a white, middle class cis woman, I celebrate IWD for women’s achievements generally, but this year I’m focussing on those who aren’t seen enough. First nations women. Women of colour. Trans women. Women in poverty. Survivors of domestic abuse that identify as women.

If you wanna join in, upload your artwork to Instagram with the hashtag #iseeyou2020 and tag me @alnmakes. Please spread the word, you do research and encourage your loved ones to donate to local orgs that support underprivileged women. See women, hear women, raise them up.

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Fundraiser for RFS

In January I set up my first fundraiser to raise money for our wonderful fire fighters – ALL PROFITS DONATED! I designed, organised and paid for tee printing and sold these $30 shirts for NSW Rural Fire Service. The tees were printed by a great company in Sydney – Black Sun Printing Co.

I nearly hit my goal of selling 30 shirts in total, but with only five left I’m still pretty chuffed with the result (if you’re interested in buying a shirt, please email me — Once they’re all sold I’ll have raised over $500! Click the image below to view a video I uploaded to Instagram.

I sold shirts at the Wollongong Protest for Action on the Bushfire Crisis Rally on Saturday 11th of Jan! Fantastic to see so many people out there for a great cause. I got to chat to so many lovely people and listen to some emphatic speeches.

Big thank you to my team of two lovely ladies that were on deck helping me ❤️ and my lil pups that were great PR managers that kept their cool, they are so good with crowds and kids!

$350 Donation to NSW RFS

On the 21st of Jan I donated what I’ve raised so far – $350!

$470 Donation to NSW RFS

Update: 9th of March 2020 I’ve now donated $470 in total!

Want to buy a shirt?

These are limited edition – only 30 exist in the world! I only have two shirts left –  sizes L and XL. The shirts are AS Colour – high quality and incredibly soft.

Shoot me an email
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Compassion Over Comparison

A very dear friend said this to me one time when I apologised for complaining about my wisdom teeth when she was going through something much tougher! The full quote was “Don’t be sorry, we don’t do comparisons here, only compassion.” She is a beautiful friend.

Illustration based from a photograph by @amyshamblen

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Be a Self-Encourager

“There’s no need to wait around feeling glum, hoping someone will come along and say something nice to you. Do it yourself! Use positive words to change you attitude. See it as the path to sanity. Be a self-encourager.”

I love this piece of advice, and I talk to myself on the reg 😂🌈 It’s gotten me out of a lot of anxiety driven situations, or gotten me through a really hard day at work. Have you read The To Be List by  Latesha Randall with Sebastian Walter? 70 chapters to help you slow down and reflect. Published 2017 by Blue mountain Arts Inc.

I loved the book so much I’m doing a little #fanart lettering series inspired by the book. Follow the link to get your mitts on this perfect mix of uplifting real-talk.

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