Compassion Over Comparison

A very dear friend said this to me one time when I apologised for complaining about my wisdom teeth when she was going through something much tougher! The full quote was “Don’t be sorry, we don’t do comparisons here, only compassion.” She is a beautiful friend.

Illustration based from a photograph by @amyshamblen

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Be a Self-Encourager

“There’s no need to wait around feeling glum, hoping someone will come along and say something nice to you. Do it yourself! Use positive words to change you attitude. See it as the path to sanity. Be a self-encourager.”

I love this piece of advice, and I talk to myself on the reg 😂🌈 It’s gotten me out of a lot of anxiety driven situations, or gotten me through a really hard day at work. Have you read The To Be List by  Latesha Randall with Sebastian Walter? 70 chapters to help you slow down and reflect. Published 2017 by Blue mountain Arts Inc.

I loved the book so much I’m doing a little #fanart lettering series inspired by the book. Follow the link to get your mitts on this perfect mix of uplifting real-talk.

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Climate Strike

The world has just seen the two biggest climate strike events in our history! With 4 million+ people last week and numbers to be announced for yesterday, change is coming. It was amazing to march alongside people of all ages that are equally as passionate about this terribly important cause. If you’re ever in conversation with a climate change denier, my friend Lee Constable recommended this website which is a great resource made by a science communicator. It arms you with simple rebuttal for common arguments against climate change. View the website.

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Use a Keep Cup

Friendly reminder to use your keep cup pals!! I drew this up a year ago and never posted it. I’m a bit of a nut when it comes to this, even going so far as to yell and rant at people I love dearly (sorry). Not only is this important from a biodegradable perspective (lack there of), we also have to think about the production of STUFF. Everything we use, especially products of convenience, has a global footprint. Check out supa gifts if you have a mate/spouse/family member who has an imminent birthday but doesn’t have their shit together with reusable products yet👌

Use a Keep Cup
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Ethical Practise

After the Typism conference yesterday, I wanted to get stuck into some lettering, so I made this little ditty. It’s about how I’ve been revising who I want to work with. The sentence I’ve come up with so far is

“People committed to producing ethical and eco-friendly products and services.”

Who are your favourite ethical or eco-friendly businesses or ? Some of mine are Who Gives a Crap, Flora and Fauna, Soda Stream, Diva Cup or similar, supa gifts, Take 3 for the Sea, Boomerang Bags, Plastic Free July and Extinction Rebellion.

I’m passionate about working for people that are doing good for the planet, animals and people. Working for someone that is making a difference aligns with my values, and keeps me motivated. Are you a business or organisation that fits this description? If so, please get in contact via the links below, I’d love to hear from you.

Get in Contact
Email Me
Ethical Drawing
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