Hi! I’m Al!

I’m a freelance graphic designer based on the Gold Coast, Australia. I love the combination of learning, problem-solving and creativity. This is why I chose the path of graphic design. I’m vegetarian, I’m a traveller and I love a bit of yoga. I’m always on the look out for inspiration. I especially enjoy working on projects that involve healthy food and lifestyle. My two favourite design adjectives are ‘bold’ and ‘uncluttered’.

I’m a problem solver.

Graphic design ain’t just about making things pretty, it’s about problems and solutions. I’m here to help you tackle the bits in between.

I have a responsibility.

If you’re not happy, I’m not happy. To paraphrase Mike Montiero (web designer, all-round cool guy), my aim is not for perfection, it is to seek out the best possible solution for you. If I create something, I have to be proud that it has my name on it. I am responsible for what I put into the world. This is why you can be sure that I’ll always give you 100%.

I’m available for hire!

Get in contact for a quote for your next project.